How can a country talk to the world?


Through what the world gets from it.


Peru is a country with a lot to say. With unparalleled biodiversity, almost every type of climate, and staggering geography, it's a little world within the world.
One that, thanks to the work and dedication of its people, provides for every corner of the planet.
Today more than ever, the world needs what Peru has to offer.


Garments that are not just clothing, but embraces.
Meals that are not just food, but health.
Drinks that are not just cocktails, but smiles.
Deals that are not just profit, but friendship.



Peru is not just the world's reserve.
Peru is a country dedicated to making the world a better place.

Peru, dedicated to the world

A trip to the heart of Peru, and the hearts of the people that make it great. An age-old story that is still being told. The story of a country that through its diversity and dedication of its people, has become a world within the world, where everyone can find what they are looking for.

Peru, dedicated to textiles

From this world within the world, we dedicate to you an industry that not only makes an impact, but embraces you.

Peru, dedicated to pisco

We have the true Pisco, which today we Peruvians dedicate to you.

Peru, dedicated to cuisine

This story started thousands of years ago. It's a story of mixtures, of colors and flavors. Above all, it's a story of love that is still being made with passion.

Peru, dedicated to agribusiness

We are one with the world. The earth is the mother that gives us everything. Miracles, that here are an everyday thing.