Creativity lives in the DNA of Peruvians. Proud of this ancient legacy, we are held competition to find an architectural design to represent our country at Expo Dubai. More information here:


HABITARE is an architecture and engineering firm that focuses on the use of innovative technologies and solutions for design and construction, to achieve quality and comfort in spaces with unique characteristics.

Peruvian architecture and design studio, collaborator at Habitare Architecture and Engineering in the preparation of photography, ambience, lighting and visualization strategies for post-production of the Peruvian pavilion project for Expo Dubai 2020.


This proposal is a tribute to Peru and to the actions of those who inhabit and take care of it. It is also a tribute to the forms of our geography and to the identity shaped by the bond with the earth. In short, this space is created to rethink what we do for it and for the world. But it is also an invitation to move and be moved, an invitation to be received with open arms by Peru, a land crossed by the Andes.



Peru, the home of all of us. The container and the content are metaphors that explain the complexity of our identity and communicate it through the sensory experience of the journey. This proposal offers an "experience of travel, emotion and knowledge". The "shape" evokes the mountain, the Pachamama. The "material" refers to the textile mesh, which gives us all shelter. The "colors" speak of the diversity that represents us. The "paths" allow the fluidity of the movement. Past, present and future; in short: our legacy.

Uccelli Architects

Honorable Mention

This project was designed under a large flat ceiling, suspended with cylindrical metal columns supported by the first floor of the exhibition. The exterior finishes were designed with natural materials from Peru such as adobe and Quincha. Although narrow spaces predominate, the interiors are spacious. A simple and conventional construction, with a traditional disassembly.

Technology and Architectural Resources

Honorable Mention

Based on the Qapaq Ñan concept, the pavilion integrates the content proposal of the rules very well. At street level its main façade is an open box, to invite people to enter, and it is deconstructed at one of its angles, generating a descent through connected terraces that evoke Peru's "andenes". The tour is well thought out and unique, establishing intermediate “tambos” that act as hinges between contents and themes, and includes a large number of interactive resources, holograms and various projection systems.

Peruvian Way