Super Fruits Super Lucuma


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Basic information

Story tells that an Andean goddess refused to feel love, until a mythological being dressed like a beggar seduced her with an lúcuma, which represents fertility in the Inca mythology. In the northern valleys, their seeds appear on clay basins and po¢ery instruments, as well as in noble’s tombstones.

Seasonal availability

Harvest : after four or five years and annual harvest after that.

Human health benefits

- Provides carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to the diet.

- Contains beta-carotene, an antioxidant that delays the aging process.

- Reduces the possibility of heart attacks.

- Prevents anemia and strengthens the immune system.


Nutritional value

Componentes / Components Pulpa fresca por 100 g
Fresh pulp per 100 g
Harina por 100 g
Flour per 100 g
Agua Water 72,3 g 9,3 g
Valor energético Energy value 99 cal 329 cal
Proteínas Proteins 1,5 g 4 g
Fibra Fiber 1,3 g 2,3 g
Lípidos Lipids 0,5 g 2,4 g
Cenizas Ash 0,7 g 2,3 g
Calcio Calcium 16 mg 92 mg
Fósforo Phosphorus 26 mg 186 mg
Fierro Iron 0,4 mg 4,6 mg
Caroteno Carotene 2,3 mg 0 mg
Tiamina Thiamine 0,01 mg 0,2 mg
Niacina Niacin 1,96 mg -
Ácido ascórbico Ascorbic acid 2,2 mg 11,6 mg
Riboflavina Rivoflavin 0,14 mg 0,3 mg

Geographical distribution