super herbs Super Muña


Basic information

Since the period of the Incas, the men from the Andes used the muña root as a portable refrigerator because it has the property to preserve food for many days. Today we know that “this product”, which grows in the highest part of the mountains, has more calcium and phosphorus than the maca, the key for growing and maintaining bones and teeth. According to modern medicine, muña contributes to the function of the nervous system and prevents osteoporosis.

Seasonal availability

Human health benefits

- Appropriate to fight altitude sickness.

- It has carminative and digestive properties.

- Relieves flatulence and diarrhea conditions.

- Benefits hardening of bones due to its high amount of calcium and phosphorus.

- Prevents osteoporosis .

- The muña based cream is used to cure rheumatic pain, fractures, luxations and wounds.


Geographical distribution

Nutritional value