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Purple Corn

Basic information

This variety of corn, whose farming goes back to pre-Hispanic period, is the base of some Peruvian gastronomy classics like mazamorra (soft, sweet maize-based dessert) and chicha (purple corn sweet drink). Immortalized by the chronicler Ricardo Palma in “Tradiciones Peruanas” like the favorite dessert of the Spaniards, which combines the boiled corn with dried fruit from Spain like prunes, apple and quince.

Seasonal availability

Harvest: after six to eight months after sowing.

Human health benefits

- Anthocyanin is considered a natural antioxidant which delays cell aging.

- Its consumption contributes reducing arterial pressure.

- Anticarcinogenic properties for colon and rectum cancer.

- Protects the ocular retina.

- Helps control diabetes.

- Diminishes the capillary permeability, improving its resistance.

- Benefits cardiovascular health, improving circulation.

Purple Corn

Geographical distribution

Nutritional value