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Basic information

Represented by the Mochica culture po¢ers on their clay pots as the origin of life, this sweet Andean root is highly recommended for diabetic patients because it reduces the glucose in the blood. Now, the modern science has increase the value of this tuber due to its high content of insulin, dietary fiber that helps the organism to metabolize the glucose and diminish cholesterol rates.

Seasonal availability

Harvest: six to ten months after the sowing depending on weather conditions.

Human health benefits

- Excellent for hypocaloric diets and for diabetic patients.

- It has anti-diabetic properties.

- Reduces risk of osteoporosis.

- It is use as a no-calorie sweetener.

- Its daily use diminishes triglycerides levels in the blood.

- Relieves gastrointestinal problems.


Geographical distribution

Nutritional value