Super Roots Super Yuca


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Basic information

Yuca has as its genetic center the Amazon Basin, and grows under different tropical conditions: in the humid and warm tropics of lowlands; In mid-altitude tropics and in subtropics with cold winters and summer rains. Yuca has the capacity to grow in acid soils with low fertility, sporadic rainfall or long periods of drought, which gives it a comparative advantage over other crops.

Seasonal availability

All year round.

Human health benefits

Yuca has high dietary fiber content, which helps to lower triglyceride levels. This food has large amounts of vitamin K and is a source of vitamins B, B-6, and has very good amounts of folates, thiamine, riboflavin and pantothenic acid.


Nutritional value

Componentes / Components Por 100g /
Per 100g
Agua / Water 59.6 g
Energía / Energy 168 kcal
Grasa / Fat 0.28 g
Proteína / Protein 1.36 g
Sodio / Sodium 14 mg
Carbohidratos / Carbohydrates 38.05 g
Fibra / Fiber 1.8 g
Potasio / Potassium 271 mg
Fósforo / Phosphorus 27 mg
Magnesio / Magnesium 21 mg
Hierro / Iron 0.27 mg
Calcio / Calcium 16 mg
Vitamina C / Vitamin C 20.6 mg
Vitamina A / Vitamin A 25 UI
Vitamina E / Vitamin E 0.19 mg
Vitamina B1 / Vitamin B1 0.087 mg
Vitamina B2 / Vitamin B2 0.0048mg
Niacina / Niacin 0.854 mg
Folato / 27 mg

Geographical distribution