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Basic information

Under the watchful eye of the god Wiracocha, Young horticulturists make their way to the Titicaca Lake’s shore where panicles of quinoa grow. The men and women of the mountains will continue to perform this harvest ritual, which goes back 3.000 years ago since man domesticated the grain, which centuries later would become the key of food safety for the human race, this according to the UN.

Seasonal availability

Harvest: 7 to 10 months after sowing.

Human health benefits

- A grain of high nutritional value, it has proteins, unsaturated fa¢y acids and minerals.

- Thanks to its fiber content, higher than 6% per cent of the grain’s weight, it favors the intestinal transit, the development of beneficial bacteria and helps to prevent colon cancer.

- Gluten free food, appropriate for celiac disease patients.


Nutritional value

Componentes / Components Por 100g /
Per 100g
Número de determinaciones
Number of determinations
Humedad Moisture 12,65% 58 20,7-6,8%
Proteínas Proteins 13,81 77 22,08-7,47
Grasa Fat 5,01 60 9,3-1,8
Ceniza Ash 3,36 60 9,8-1,8
Hidratos de carbono Carbon Hydrates 59,74 50 71,3-36,72
Celulosa Cellulose 4,38 22 12,20-1,5
Fibra Fiber 4,14 30 16,32-1,10

Geographical distribution