Trade Partial Scope Agreement between Peru and Venezuela

Crude petroleum oil is the main product that Peru imports from Venezuela. It was signed on January 7, 2012.

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Economic Partnership Agreement between Peru and Japan

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Economic Complementation Agreement between Peru and Cuba

The objective was to promote the Latin American integration process by granting concessions between the countries.

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Economic Agreement between Peru and MERCOSUR

Entered between the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Peru entered the agreement on December 30, 2005.

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Peru - Mexico Trade Integration Agreement

The Peru - Mexico Trade Integration Agreement was entered in Lima on April 6, 2011 and took effect on February 1, 2012.

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Free Trade Agreement between Peru and Korea

Peru is the second destination of Korean investment in Latin America in the sectors of energy, mining, manufacture and retailing and wholesale.

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Peru - Andean Community Free Trade Agreement

It started by signing the Cartagena Agreement on May 26, 1969. Its members are Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

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Free Trade Agreement between Peru and Chile

Chile has the highest foreign investment in Peru among Latin American countries, with a share of 6.1%.

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Free Trade Agreement between Peru and the States of the European Free Trade Association

Trade between Peru and the countries in the EFTA group recorded an annual average growth of 20%.

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Peru - Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement

Peruvian products such as sardines, artichokes, garlic, mangos, lemons were admitted to the Costa Rican market with direct access.

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Peru - Panama Free Trade Agreement

Peru exports to Panama plastic sheets and strips, as well as canned fish and caviar.

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PERU - USA Trade Promotion Agreement

The Peruvian products exported to USA are: minerals, metals, textile products, fishery products, crude oil, coffee, cacao, handicraft, paprika, artichokes, grapes, mango, mandarin and asparagus.

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Pacific Alliance

It offers competitive advantages in sectors such as mining, forestry resources, energy, agriculture, car making, fishery and manufacture.

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Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum

Pre-Inca cultures of Chavin, Mochica or Chimu left a great legacy in decoration.

Created in 1989, it deals with topics related to c

Organización Mundial de Comercio

La OMC es una organización para la apertura del comercio. En este importante foro, los gobiernos negocien acuerdos comerciales.

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Protocol between Peru and Thailand to the Liberalization of Trade in Goods.

The main products exported to Thailand are zinc, copper, fish meal, cuttlefish, fresh grapes and tara powder.

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Peru - Singapore Free Trade Agreement

It promotes greater investments and consolidates the Peruvian commercial strategy in Asia.

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Peru - China Free Trade Agreement

The Peru - China Free Trade Agreement allows a preferential access to the fastest growing market in the world, with more than 1.3 million people.

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Peru - Canada Free Trade Agreement

After a year of negotiations, Peru and Canada entered in 2006 an Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement.

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It will promote Peruvian superfoods, alpaca garments and jewelry, among other products.

The largest trade fair in the food and beverage sector takes place in Paris from October 21 to 25.

This term of office will prioritize production chains

This agreement will offer important opportunities for Peruvian companies.

Turkey had issued many commercial agreements with several Latin American countries.

Commemoration of the five years of the signing of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States.